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Riga Technical University (RTU)

Riga Technical University
The city of Riga in Latvia

Riga Technical University (RTU) is the oldest university in Latvia, and it has long-standing traditions dating back to 1862. It is an accredited, fully state-owned, internationally recognized European level university. At present it is one of the largest technical universities in the Baltic Sea region and gathers nearly 17 000 students at eight faculties in various study programmes.  RTU has a leading role in number of research projects financed by the EU. Among university alumni there are Nobel Prize winner, presidents, prime-ministers and ministers of several European countries, key figures in Latvia’s business and industry.

All European countries according to the Lisbon Convention recognize the diplomas issued by the Riga Technical University. RTU degrees are also recognised in the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Central Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa and in the other parts of world.   In 2002 several of RTU engineering and business programmes were approved by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs as eligible for “G.I.Bill” financial benefits as well as students are encouraged to apply for Latvian government scholarships.

For more information about scholarships visit our website.  

RTU offers the following Study programmes in English at Bachelor (B), Master (M) and Doctorate (D) levels:

  • Aviation Transport (B, M)
  • Architecture (D)
  • Business Informatics (M)
  • Chemical Engineering (D)
  • Civil Engineering (D)
  • Computer Systems (B, M, D)
  • Computerised Control of Electrical Technologies (B, M, D)
  • Geomatics (B)
  • Engineering Technology, Mechanics and
    Mechanical Engineering (B, M, D)
  • Entrepreneurship and Management (B, M, D)
  • Electrical and Power Engineering (D)
  • Environmental Science (M, D)
  • Technical Translation (B, M)
  • Telecommunications (B, M, D)
  • Technical Engineering of Transport Systems (D)
  • Real Estate and Construction Management (M)
  • MBA (M)


  • Quality education and affordable tuition fees
  • Studies in English
  • Degrees and Qualifications recognised worldwide
  • On-Campus Accommodation Provided
  • Studies in Vibrant and Multicultural City
Student Testimonial
Leslie Robert Adrian (Australia, Gold Coast)
Having gone from undergraduate studies through to completion of graduate studies I can honestly say I have enjoyed the curriculum, the availability to study in my native language (English) and Latvia has truly become a home away from home. Although daunting at first my fears of moving to Latvia soon subsided with the immediate of warmth and acceptance of the Latvian people considering the vast differences in language it was as if there were none. Having spent 6 years studying at RTU I am now moving to Doctoral studies with absolute faith in the quality of teaching and dedication of my professors.

Apart from studying Latvia offers a variety of entertainment including nightlife, untouched nature recourses and as a music lover the Latvian love of song hits home.      

Contact information:
1 Kalku street,
Riga LV1658,

phone: +371 67089013, 26419495

 fax: +371 67089020


Students at Riga Technical University



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